SaaS Boilerplate Pre-Sale 🐦

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Felix Gerschau

The minimal boilerplate for your next project

Creating a new product takes time. A lot of time.

Software developers (myself included) constantly underestimate the time it takes to develop something.

With this product, I want to make starting up faster and easier.

The package includes:

  • Frontend: React.js with TypeScript and Material UI
  • Backend: Node.js with Express.js and TypeScript
  • Subscriptions and payments with Stripe
  • Landing page: Gatsby.js with TypeScript ⚡️
  • Authentication with Auth0
  • Documentation
  • Future updates
  • Community access to ask for help and discuss different topics
  • More features to come based on your feedback...

Early adopters will get a heavy discount (scroll to the end to see how much).

The Pre-Sale

I plan to release the product within three months, but only if there is enough demand.

If I don't release the product, or you don't want to purchase it anymore, you can get your money back up to 30 days after the release day—no questions asked.

Community access

As part of the purchase, you'll get exclusive access to a community of developers who are working on SaaS products.

You can use it to bounce-off ideas or help each other.

Why I'm doing this

Last year, I started a new side project (PollPilot).

When I started developing, it took me more than two months just to build the boilerplate code to get started.

I didn't want to spend $600 on a boilerplate project with tons of features I didn't even need—so I wrote everything from scratch.

The boilerplate will be based on this project, and I'll make sure you can start adding features and deploying it within 30 minutes of downloading the code.

I wrote about the process of building PollPilot in this article.

Your input matters

As an early adopter, you'll not only get the product for cheaper than it'll ever be, but you can also shape what I include in the boilerplate.

Any features or technologies you would like to be included? I will listen and continuously improve the project.

About me

I usually help people to learn React programming on my blog at Feel free to check it out!

"The whole blog was helpful to understand the memory management concept"

"Things described in a very simple way. Good work, keep it up."

"Clear, concise explanation. I like how you kept the examples simple to make your point."

Discount codes

Early adopters will get the best price. Here are the limited discount codes:

"SAAS-70" - 70% discount - 5 available

"SAAS-60" - 60% discount - 10 available

"SAAS-50" - 50% discount - 15 available

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email any time.

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This product is not currently for sale.
70% off will be applied at checkout (Code SAAS-70)

You'll get a license to use the full boilerplate code for one of your projects.

$79 $23.70

SaaS Boilerplate Pre-Sale 🐦